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Mack Bio is a maverick in the biotechnology industry.  We have six divisions:


Clinical Trial Software


Government Contracting



We are a integral part of a fast growing and ever evolving industry - Nanomedicine.  Nanomedicine is defined as a device or pharmaceutical on the scale of 1 nm to 300nm (nm - one billionth of a meter) in size.  At this scale, we can interact one on one with bacteria, viruses, DNA, cells and tissues.  Nano sized objects have always existed in nature but until recently, we as researchers, have learned to visualize and control these sizes of particles.  From a financial standpoint, nanomedicine is currently a $212B market world-wide and is estimated to double in market growth and reach $ 528B by late 2019.

Some other companies involved directly in nanomdedicine today include: Ablynx NV, Celgene Corporation, Abraxis Bioscience Inc., Mallinckrodt PLC, GE Healthcare, Qiagen NV, Combimatrix Corp, Merck & Co. Inc., Pfizer Inc., Nanosphere, Inc., Arrowhead Research, and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.


Medical Device - Lasers, Robotics and Nano Particles

By partnering with some of the best manufacturers in the world we are working to develop a medical robot that can passively assist in clinical research and healthcare industry.  In addition, we have designed software and hardware for medical laser companies such as Biolase Inc, Gigaa Laser and Aspen Laser Systems, LLC.  We also have extensive experience with crystalline nano particles to include Ag4O4, silane quats and silane based vesicales (nano scale drug delivery).  



Medical Device Development Services

A collaboration of patent attorneys, device design engineers, medical device regulatory experts, and clinical trial experts that offer a combined service of a "one stop shop" for the medical device inventor.  The service is designed to take a device from concept, to prototype to trial to approval and issued patents with one team. 

Our focus is to partner with other biotech companies, designers and inventors in order to create synergy between these alliances.  We offer a platform to fund new concepts as well as partner to fund clinical trials. Based on this synergy, we aspire to propel our strategic partners to the next level of development.


Our Publishing Division starting in 2018, is a separately run company that publishes three professional journals to include:

Clinical Research Technology Today

Therapeutic Laser Clinical Medicine 

Clinical Nanomedicine 


Our Six Biologically Based Corporate Attributes:

- Adaptation

- Redundancy

- Diversity

- Modularity

- Prudence

- Embeddedness 

Mack Bio is a dynamic corporation offering the flexibility to react to the ever changing landscape of the medical field.  What would normally take years to complete takes us months.  We are already working on several novel projects with several partners to create real solutions for the both medical device and OTC pharmaceuticals markets.


The Evolution of BOTOX® (Onabotulinumtoxin A)

The Evolution of BOTOX® (Onabotulinumtoxin A)

Currently, a Phase 1 trial has been completed with 17 participants from 2013 to 2014 resulting in an average efficacy period of 9 months. As of 2016 No adverse events were reported and no adverse drug reactions were reported. This Phase 1 trial of Onabotulinumtoxin A and Ag4O4 combination has been completed in British Colombia, Canada. BOTOX® is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc., Irvine CA. This study was neither funded or approved by Allergan, Inc., Irvine CA.



  • Medical Robotics

    Creating solutions for noninvasive medical applications for precision laser treatments, rehabilitation and surgical assistance.

  • Micron Surgical Closure System

    Proof of concept stage. A system using existing predicates and proven technology in a very unique structure to obtain micron sized attachment points for surgical closures in both facia and dermal layers.

  • Increasing the Efficacy of Onabotulinumtoxin A

    Phase 2 Clinical Trial Stage. Onabotulinumtoxin A with Ag4O4 combination showing efficacy extending 9 months.

  • Zika Virus STD Research

    Proof of concept stage. Proving that Ag4O4 is antiviral through nano magnetic fields that directly hinders glycoprotein communications.

Surgical Closure System

Preclinical Research

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