Medical Device Development Services

Bespoke research and development services for medical devices.  Our team offers the physician/inventor concept to licensing service to include:

  • Device market analysis 
  • Proof of concept prototyping 
  • Patent filing (IP patent law team)
  • 3D modeling and 3D printing to include titanium
  • Clinical trial design, investigator's  brochure and protocol
  • Clinical trial management of Phase 1 to 3
  • FDA/PMA strategy
  • Licensing strategy for US and international markets

Our team of 15 professionals can take your design from cocktail napkin to a finished device that is FDA cleared, US patented, and clinically proven device that is ready to be licensed in the market place. 

Our fee is: $85,000 plus manufacturing costs and FDA fees along with 15% of the licensing fees obtained in the market place after the device is patented and FDA cleared (approved PMA).